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Self-Employed? by Fraser Hay

The full title of this book by Fraser Hay is

Self-Employed? Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working (and What You Can Do About It)

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it Three Stars.

Here is my review.

Not as good or as structured as I had hoped

I knew of Fraser from years ago and thought that he talked a lot of sense.

I decided it would be interesting to see how he’d updated his ideas but unfortunately I thought the book was disappointing. Perhaps I expected too much.

My main issue is that the book isn’t as structured around the title as I thought it would be.

It’s the title that helps to differentiate this book from the vast number of marketing books that tell small business owners what to do to get more leads, sales and profit. I don’t think the author made enough of this approach.

After all, there are two main ways to improve (as I teach my clients):

1) You can start doing things or do more of the things that work;
2) You can stop doing things that don’t work or do less of the things that only give mediocre results or, if you’re committed to the technique, improve it continuously.

Many books get you to try to do new things and don’t help you to identify the things that you need to eliminate or change.

Only right at the end did I find the list of reasons why your marketing probably isn’t working which sadly includes a typo (point 5 “you have positioned yourself well in the marketplace” is NOT a reason for marketing to struggle but, instead, a reason why it should be easier and more successful).

There are also subtle and not so subtle plugs for the author’s Grow Your Business Club. These help to remind you of the agenda for the book and will irritate some readers when they realise that they have paid for the author to advertise to them. It’s not as blatant in its marketing as some books.

Putting these issues to one side, the book does have plenty of valuable tips which will help you to get better results from your own marketing efforts and especially if you’re a home business owner. I think it will be less satisfying for those who have bigger businesses.

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