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Sick Success by Hilary Jastram

The full title of this book by Hilary Jastram is

Sick Success: The Entrepreneur’s Prescriptions for Turning Pain Into Purpose and Profit

In my review of the book posted at Amazon.co.uk, I have the book 2 Stars.

Here is my book review.

Be very careful with this book.

I pre-ordered this book, mainly from the title and subtitle, because I had my business and career turned upside down by a series of health problems. I’ve also worked with people who have had serious health setbacks.

Unfortunately the book starts with the author’s life story. This seems indulgent. At this stage, I don’t care about her or want to know this much about her younger years. I know that sounds mean and it is a sad story but unfortunately, too many children have difficult upbringings. If I had tried the kindle sample, I’d have given up early and not bothered with the book.

This first section took 28% of the book and I found it very hard to stick with it through her tales of abuse, an eating disorder and failed relationships. Her argument is telling stories heals. This may be true but reading unwanted stories is tedious.

I gave up at the 40% mark. I’m not wasting any more of my time on this book and I will be asking for my money back. I accept responsibility for the fact that I got this far on hope rather than the experience of reading but I have reached the end of my tolerance zone.

I’m predicting thus book will divide opinions. I’m giving it two stars because it seems mean to give it one because I’m sure the author is full of good intentions.

Some people, who are very in tune with their feelings and empathic towards others, often described as the “touchy-feely” will probably find it helpful. I’m sure some of the author’s friends and supporters will give it high ratings.

I’m very disappointed.

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