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Small Businesses Don’t Get The Most Out Of Their Websites

A survey by Microsoft of 400 small businesses has discovered that many waste a lot of money producing websites that can’t be found in the search engines.

It seems that too many firms don’t know how to promote their website or think that it is too complicated or expensive.

To some extent this is an “I win, you lose” situation as only 10 websites can be on the first page of Google at any one time.

It’s also a sad reflection that too many web designers are happy to take the money from clients and design websites but have little interest in helping their clients get their money back from extra business.

If the web designers don’t want to become involved in the search engine optimisation themselves, they should be recommending someone else to their clients.

There are a few simple rules that can make a massive difference to the way that search engines deal with a website:

  • key word research and optimisation of the copy around those key words
  • content rich pages rather than pretty pages
  • effective use of page titles
  • incoming links from relevant sites focused on key words

On a similar theme, another news item tells us how casually companies choose their website name. It seems that many spend less than an hour on the decision.

The other aspect to consider is that, once you’re getting traffic to a website, it needs to be creating some kind of return. Is it generating enquiries or are you building up an email list of people who could be interested in the future?

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