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Soft Systems Methodology by Paul Ledington

The full title of this book by Paul Ledington is

Soft Systems Methodology – Core Concepts

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it Two Stars.

Here is my review.

An attempt at explaining a complex but important technique

I believe that people should be taught how to think better.

When we encounter a problem, there are two possible ways to think about it:

1) to break it down into parts and find and correct the weakest element
2) to look at it as a whole situation and see how all the inter-connecting aspects fit together.

If you apply method 1 thinking to method 2 problems, then it doesn’t help and may make things worse.

This book looks at the second method – the Social Reconstruction of Problem Situations using Soft Systems Methodology.

This is a complicated technique and I applaud the author’s attempt to make it easier to understand.

Unfortunately several of the diagrams haven’t come through in the kindle version and the book cries out for a good editor since I felt that both the readability and the flow of the book were problems.

It’s a shame.

As a someone who helps clients to focus on and solve problems, I was looking for an easy to understand book on the methodology but I want better than this. My search continues.


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