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Stunted Growth by Ray Noble with Clara Noble

The full title of this book by Ray Noble with Clara Noble is

Stunted Growth: 100 Reasons why your business is going nowhere and how to fix it

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Three Stars. This means it is Worthwhile.

Here is my book review.

What has stopped the business from growing?

I like the idea of this book but I’m not so keen on the execution of it.

The authors are right. There are many reasons why a business stops developing in a valid, meaningful way and gets stuck.

Often it might not be one but a combination, perhaps linked in a network of causes and effects that stalls the business or the causes may be apparently independent. I know an insolvency practitioner who believes that ultimately, there is only one cause of business failure and that’s management.

What we have on this book is a list along with an explanation of what to do.

With respect to the authors, this makes the book a dull read if you try to do it from page one to the end. It’s a bit like reading an encyclopaedia or catalogue.

What happens with a dull read? You start but give up partway through.

Can a business owner jump straight to the relevant sections? Of course it is possible but I don’t think it’s likely. The problem titles aren’t written in a way that pulls you in.

I could quibble about the 101 reasons and what’s written but generally I’m in agreement.

There are references to extra resources on their website but the addresses aren’t hyperlinked in the Kindle version so you can’t click through. This reduces the chance you ever will.

My three stars review means that I think the book is worthwhile.

I feel mean.

It’s just that I feel this is potentially a very good book if it can improve the symptoms diagnosis and prescription side of things before leaping into the cures.

Even if someone does read through from start to finish, and identifies various corrective actions, I’d encourage the authors to provide guidance on how to prioritise so that the business owner can get a few quick wins and build momentum. At the moment the book just stops after reason 101.

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