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The Symptoms Of Being Stuck In Your Business

Sometimes you know you’re stuck because you have a problem going around and around in your head without reaching an answer. Other times, you or your business might suffer from some of these symptoms:

  1. You’ve lost the feel good factor of being your own boss.
  2. You feel conflicted about your business, as if you’re being pulled in at least two directions at the same time..
  3. Profitability is lower than you want.
  4. Cash flow issues regularly arise like being paid late by customers or having to fend off suppliers who want to be paid before you’ve got the money.
  5. You get to the end of the day and feel as if you’ve acquired more new jobs to do than you’ve completed in the last ten or twelve hours.
  6. Your employees seem to create more problems than they solve. Morale is down and you might have lost or be in danger of losing your best employees.
  7. You know your customers are disgruntled because you can’t give them the service they demand and you want to give.
  8. You’re unsure where you should focus the time you do have for business improvement in the future.
  9. Customers continually encourage you to cut prices just to keep their business, let alone increase it. You’ve lost ground on the factors that used to make your business attractive to customers because it was different from your competitors.

I could add more symptoms to the list but I suspect that’s jogged enough bad memories.

I believe that just about every business is battling against at least one constraint that causes all kinds of different undesirable symptoms that makes life hard.

It’s unpleasant to feel stuck and it can lead to a gradual decline in performance that ultimately threatens the survival of the business.

How To Get Unstuck

You need to do three things:

  1. Deal with the problem and not just the symptoms of the issue that has caused you to feel stuck.
  2. Rediscover your interest in your business.
  3. Develop a direction and an outline plan for the future.

It’s hard to do on your own and that’s why I offer a free 60 minute Business SOS.

This Second Opinion Session gives you an outside, independent perspective on what’s bothering you and that can show you that it’s not the big issue you feared.

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