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Daniel Levis

Copywriting & Manipulation Of Customers To Buy

The more I learn about marketing and copywriting and in particular the psychology of persuasion, the more I worry about the ideas being used to manipulate customers into buying things they don’t want and need.

I was very interested when I read this email from Daniel Levis and asked for permission to re-publish it.

Daniel Levis is the author of Effortless Influence and one of the copywriters I pay most attention to. He also seems like a nice guy.

But can you square being nice and wanting to help people with being a master at persuading people to pull out their credit cards and hand over cash?

Over to Daniel.

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Effortless Influence Daniel Levis Review

I want to tell you about a training program that caught my eye recently, Effortless Influence from Daniel Levis.

Effortless Influence – affiliate link
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