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Joe Vitale

Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale

The full title of the book by Joe Vitale is

Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 2 Stars.

Here is my review.

I was very disappointed but I still bought Hypnotic Writing 2.0

I was intrigued by the book title and the author has created a great brand using the word hypnotic. Who doesn’t want their marketing and copywriting to put prospective customers in a buying trance?

When I read the book I was very disappointed. It is written with a knowing style. “I’m going to make you do something…see I told you I was going to make you.” [continue reading…]

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Meet and Grow Rich by Joe Vitale and Bill Hibbler

The full title of this book by Joe Vitale and Bill Hibbler is

Meet and Grow Rich: How to Easily Create and Operate Your Own Mastermind Group for Health, Wealth, and More“.

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I rated this at the Four Stars level. This means I think it is Good and Well Worth Reading.

Here is my book review.

Learn to share problems and solutions from other business owners

It’s only in the last ten years that I have become aware of how powerful mastermind groups can be and this book is a raving endorsement for masterminds. The mastermind concept isn’t that well known in the UK and “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill doesn’t have the great reputation it does in the USA.

The authors want you to understand that a mastermind group can help you to achieve whatever you want to achieve. [continue reading…]

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