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Outreach Marketing

The Direct Mail Solution by Craig Simpson with Dan Kennedy

The full title of this book by Craig Simpson with Dan Kennedy is

The Direct Mail Solution: A Business Owner’s Guide to Building a Lead-Generating, Sales-Driving, Money-Making Direct-Mail Campaign

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a rating of 4 Stars. This means it is good and well worth reading.

Here is my book review.

Useful guide for mass mailings but it won’t teach you how to write the sales letter

This is a useful guide to direct mail although it’s more targeted to B2C mass mailings than it is for anyone who wants to mail to B2B targets and small lists.

As is often the case when there is a bug name author sharing credit with a less known author, it us the less well known one does most of the work. To be fair, there are more chapters from Dan Kennedy than I expected. As is normal in his books, you’ll be urged to buy plenty of other DK books. [continue reading…]

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Search Marketing versus Outreach Marketing

I teach my clients that there are two main types of marketing – search marketing and outreach marketing.

What Is Search Marketing?

Search Marketing is doing everything necessary to be found when your potential customers begin their search for information about their problems, together with possible solutions in the form of products and services.

It is sometimes called inbound marketing because you are trying to pull customers into your business.

The main method of search marketing in the 2010s is to be found on the first page of Google or the other search engines through a combination of being found in the organic search results based on the ranking algorithm or by paying to be on the page through pay per click schemes like Google Adwords.

Another popular way that your customers will find out about your business is by asking their family and friends for recommendations. This also includes social media activities along the lines of “Does anyone know of a good small business accountant in Birmingham?”

What Is Outreach Marketing?

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How To Reach Out To Your Target Customers

This is the fifth marketing tip in a series based on

>>> Being Good At Marketing Isn’t A Nice-If But A Must Have

Marketing Tip 5 – Outreach Marketing – Reach Out To Your Target Customers

If you have done your market research,

>>> Understand The Customers In Your Market And Find Unexploited Opportunities

you should be in a good position to start a proactive outreach marketing campaign to contact your target customers.

The two main direct response methods that small businesses can easily use are:

  • Direct mail and email
  • Telemarketing

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