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Seth Czerepak

What Happened To Seth Czerepak?

Back in 2016, I read two copywriting books by Seth Czerepak. The first in particular, The 24 Hour Marketing Miracle is excellent and was given 5 stars in my review. The second The Sexy Sales Letter Formula isn’t quite so good and is rated at 4 stars.

At this stage, I thought he was a rising star of the copywriting and direct marketing world. He was even given an excellent endorsement by Dan Kennedy. However, when I clicked over to his website to find out more, I found missing pages. In fact, everything on his website, except the home page had disappeared or become disconnected from what I could see.

I’d check every few months but found nothing new. I increased the time gaps, because, every time, I had to look up his name. [continue reading…]

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The Sexy Sales Letter Formula by Seth Czerepak

The full title of this book by Seth Czerepak is

The Sexy Sales Letter Formula: How To Use “Value Mechanics” To Craft Smoking Hot, Seductive Sales Letters.

In my review at Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a Four Stars rating. This means I consider it to be good to very good.

Here is my review.

An interesting look at the issues involved with copywriting for different buyer stages and personalities.

I read this book because I thought the author’s first book, The 24 Hour Marketing Miracle was excellent.

That book introduced the ideas of value mechanics based on axiology and as this had the same topic in the subtitle, I thought it would be the main focus of the book. [continue reading…]

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The 24 Hour Marketing Miracle by Seth Czerepak – 5 Stars

The full title of this book by Seth Czerepak is

The 24 Hour Marketing Miracle: The FIRST Marketing Book EVER to Be Backed Up By a 500% Money Back Guarantee“.

In my review at Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a FIVE STARS rating. I don;t give the five stars away easily and this means that I think it is EXCELLENT.

Here is my review.

A direct response marketing book so good you don’t want your competitors to read it

This book isn’t for everybody. The writing style is quite abrasive at the start and the author doesn’t pull any punches over what he thinks is right or wrong.

The book looks at direct response marketing and copywriting. While you may not want to do it yourself, I believe business owners need to know and understand the process. [continue reading…]

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