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Theory Of Constraints Books

The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox

Book Review Rating – 5 Stars

“The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement” is a fantastic book about performance improvement in a manufacturing business wrapped up in a novel that is hard to put down.

First published in 1984 this book introduced the world to the Theory of Constraints.

The big idea is that many of the ideas for improving a business are misguided at best and expensive mistakes at worst.

That’s because an improvement in an area outside of the constraint that is holding back performance is more an illusion than substance. Real improvements come from removing the constraint.

The Story Of The Goal

I think this was the first popular management book to be written as a story but it is an extremely effective teaching method for putting across the big ideas. The weakness is that it’s hard to pick up the details to put the ideas into action. Eli Goldratt wrote The Race as the follow-up hands-on guide. [continue reading…]

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The full title of this book by Lisa J. Scheinkopf is

Thinking for a Change: Putting the TOC Thinking Processes to Use

In my review posted on Amazon.co,uk, I gave the book Five Stars. This means it is Excellent and Very Highly Recommended.

Here is my book review.

A Big Improvement On It’s Not Luck

I found “It’s Not Luck” by Eli Goldratt a frustrating read.

The Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes were clearly powerful tools for diagnosing problems and implementing solutions and taking TOC out of the factory floor and into the boardrooms. But I found the tools abstract and confusing. [continue reading…]

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