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Take A Good Look At Your Packaging

I’ve just read Peter Thomson’s TGI Monday message and this week he talks about packaging.

Now this is not an area that normally excites me.

Packaging issues have always reminded me of the marketing department and not the marketing philosophy. Too many heated discussions about exactly what shade of blue should be used.

But today Peter struck a chord.

Partly because of what he said, partly because of a recent experience.

Perhaps its me. I am getting old.

But I used to buy our food in that staple of the British middle class, Marks & Spencer’s but I have stopped for one good reason.


I found that it became more difficult to read what was on the packages because of the way they were designed. All the words and images all seemed to become a blur with their bold colours and small reverse print.

Shopping in Marks just became too hard. I don’t want to have to concentrate on reading everything. I want to find what I’m looking for at a glance.

On Sunday it happened again. This time in Sainsbury’s.

So packaging is a hot subject for me.

I’m running out of supermarkets so I could have to swallow my vanity and start wearing my glasses when I’m out shopping. But then they’ll probably slip off when I bend down to pick something up off a low shelf.

Peter’s thoughts on packaging were very relevant but of course Peter extends the topic outside of product packaging in boxes and asks us to think about how well we package ourselves and our websites.

The fact is indisputable – good packaging helps you to sell more, bad packaging hurts your sales.

Take a good look at how your business, its products and services are packaged. Ask other people for their thoughts and you might be surprised.

It is easy to make mistakes which harm you.

Can you think of examples where packaging has made a different to your buying decision?

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