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The 3 Minute Marketing Audit by Fraser Hay

In my review of the book

The 3 Minute Marketing Audit by Fraser Hay

posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars.

Here is my review.

A nice idea, not so sure of how it’s implemented.

As soon as I started reading this book, I was struck by one thing. There are very long sentences. The longest I found in the first couple of pages was over 70 words long. The author promises this is one if the shortest books but effective editing would make it shorter and cut out the fluff.

I like the idea of the book much more than the implementation of the idea.

The marketing audit itself is a list of questions that should force a Yes or No. The more No’s you score, the more potential problem you have with your marketing. The higher the score, the more you need to read the author’s other books or buy other stuff.

Yes I’m cynical because I think it’s too specific but I also thought it was missing important questions about focusing on one or more specific niches, having offerings that are different from those offered by competitors in ways that matter to customers and the consistency of your marketing.

I bet you’re not in business to be a professional marketer so what you want is a few marketing methods that work really well. Not just one because one can leave you vulnerable.

For example you may get many of your leads from your website which has been well optimised for the search engines. If Google changes it’s algorithm and penalises the tactics that had been bringing you success, your website traffic would drop and leads dry up so it’s important you have a few other lead sources.

It’s hard to master different types of marketing and it’s better to focus your attention on a few rather than many.

Marketing diagnosis is logical in that there is a route to follow to it down into your business if you’re not getting enough sales to meet your profit objectives. The first split is into leads and conversions and whether one or both are problems. Just bear in mind, a high result might represent an opportunity. For example you might have a very high lead conversion rate which sounds good until you ask yourself whether you’re charging a high enough price. It’s easy to sell if you’re much cheaper than your competitors or you don’t properly reflect the extra value you create over and above your competition.

The book is worthwhile if it gets you thinking about where you have opportunities for improvement in your business. I just feel it’s designed to generate leads for the author. That in itself might be a great idea you can adapt for your business. Can you develop your own audit for the problem you solve?

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