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The Balanced Scorecard by Donald Gusfa, Kenneth Gusfra and Daniel Stanley

The full title of this book by Donald Gusfa, Kenneth Gusfra and Daniel Stanley is

The Balanced Scorecard: A Practical Primer To Enhance Your Performance Through Strategic Goals

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it Two Stars.

Here is my review.


I firmly believe in the idea of encouraging small businesses to develop a well balanced set of performances linked to their strategic objectives.

The balanced scored, as developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton, is such an approach.

Unfortunately this isn’t the book to help you.

1) It’s very simple which may be a good thing but in this case, it’s too simple and too short.

2) Some of the finance comments are dodgy. For example, return on investment is not (sales minus cost of sales) divided by costs of sales in all but the most simple and restrictive situations.

3) the tables for the different perspectives of the scorecard don’t work well on a kindle reader. I recommend the authors re-write these sections to provide a commentary on the tables so that readers can gain more understanding.

4) the examples of vision and strategy are too general and don’t set a good enough standard to be followed by anyone wanting to implement a scorecard to drive the business forward.

On the positive side, the examples of an Italian restaurant, banqueting suite and a machine tool shop are pitched at the right level for many small business owners.

I believe that there’s need for a good book on balanced scorecards for small businesses but sadly, this isn’t it.


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