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The Google Checklist by Amen Sharma

The full title of this book by Amen Sharma is

Amen Sharma The Google Checklist: Website Edition: Boost Your Online Conversions

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars.

Here is my review.

Useful list of things to consider

This short book presents a list of items that can help to improve conversions that range from common sense to technical solutions.

It always surprises me how difficult some businesses make it to contact them so, if you want phone calls, put your phone number in the top right hand corner. I prefer emails because I work on the phone and my email address is there.

The book recommends making sliders clickable. These are very fashionable but I find them irritating and the research I’ve read is far from conclusive that they improve conversion.

If I was being critical I’d say that the book is much better at saying what to do and not explaining how to do it. The author is very clearly after leads.

A pet hate of mine that the book doesn’t mention is the one of making your website easy to read. Reverse print may look stylish but the further you move away from black words on a white background in a reasonable size and a sans serif font, the harder you make it.

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