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The Law Of Attraction And Business Success

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The movie “The Secret” was a huge success in the United States and its gone international.

Is it “new age mumbo jumbo” or is there something in it?

The basic idea is that You attract what you think about.

Good or bad.

If you worry about how much debt you’ve built up over the last few years, you will find that you attract more debt. You’ve become habitualised to spending money that you don’t have, you’ve got used to the idea that you can live beyond your means.

Yes, you will worry but that doesn’t stop you spending. The immediate kick you get from buying is bigger than the longer term concerns about how you can possibly pay it all back. This is why debt often spirals out of control and people borrow to pay back old debt and the interest on that debt.

If instead, you focus on making money then you see opportunities for making more income.

If you were an unemployed, you’d notice opportunities for jobs. The advert for bar staff that is prominently displayed in the pub, the sign for shop assistants on the shop doors you push open, you’d be looking at the local jobs board on the Internet.

The idea is that you’d see so many opportunities, you’d be in the fortunate position that you could pick the best of them, earn more money and escape your debt.

How does this happen?

The “Universe” will provide.

My Thoughts on the Law Of Attraction


It gives someone the chance to focus on change and allows for the idea that the future can be different from the past. This allows for hope and provides an important factor in motivation since there has to be an expectancy that things will work out as you want.

The power of positive thinking can open the mind up to new possibilities. Remember the Henry Ford quote, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”

It’s also a chance to fight back against the danger of self limiting thoughts and beliefs.


There is too little focus on taking action. Thinking positive can open up the door to new possibilities but you have to walk through that door and do whatever is necessary.

If we go back to the unemployed person seeing the advertisements for jobs, he has to submit his application form, turn up to the interview on time, clean and tidy and then make a good impression. Then, if he’s offered the job, he has to turn up to work and work hard. These are all actions. The Universal can provide the opportunity but it’s committed action that seizes the chance.

The other big problem I have with some of the law of attraction is that bad luck happens. Just because you’re in a bad situation, you didn’t necessarily attract it.

I have a rare auto-immune disease that would have killed me in months of it becoming active without modern medicine and has changed my life since. I’d never heard of it before or the type of illness. I’d never given auto-immune diseases much thought and it wasn’t something I’d been worrying about.

I didn’t attract it, just as rape victims haven’t attracted being attacked. Yet I remember reading something I thought was disgusting (I can’t remember who wrote it) that said they had because that’s the way the law of attraction works.

The Role Of The Law Of Attraction In Business Success

Whether you think the underlying principle of the law of attraction is reliable or mumbo jumbo, I urge you to get clear on what it is you want with your business.

Don’t just rely on the Universe to provide it.

Decide how you can make it happen.As a business owner you have a big opportunity to live intentionally and that includes deciding on the business you want and then working out how you can build it. Then start taking action to implement your plan.

I’m not a huge advocate of the Law of Attraction but I agree there is power in getting clear what you want rather than having vague goals.

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