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The New 7 S Model For Business Strategy

Richard D’Aveni argues that in Hypercompetition, the opposition can use the old 7-s framework against the firm because it makes the business predictable, so he came up with the new 7 S model.

The New 7 S

  • Superior stakeholder satisfaction
  • Strategic soothsaying
  • Positioning for speed
  • Positioning for surprise
  • Shifting the rules of competition
  • Signalling strategic intent
  • Simultaneous and sequential strategic thrusts

The first two create a vision for market disruption, the third and fourth are key capabilities to use across markets and the final three are disruptive tactics in a hypercompetitive environment.

My Thoughts On The New 7 S Model

The New 7 S model gains attention because it uses the same alliteration as the original but I believe Richard D’Aveni makes an interesting point. When competition become intense, the easiest competitors to beat are those who are predictable because you understand where they are going and how they will try to achieve their aims. You can have appropriate offensive strategies and defensive strategies in place to reduce the effectiveness of what they do.

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