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The Power Of Negative Planning by W Adam Mandelbaum

The full title of this book by W Adam Mandelbaum is

The Power Of Negative Planning: How To Succeed By Beating Murphy’s Law

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Three Stars. This means it is Worthwhile.

Here is my book review.

Aggressively sarcastic but it makes some important points about protecting yourself and loved ones

I’m surprised there aren’t more books about negative planning, that is, thinking about what can go wrong and doing something about the risk.

I was expecting a process to be explained in the book about identifying risks and assessing their likelihood and impact. Instead it picks on examples of terrible things that can happen.

I found it aggressively sarcastic and in some ways it reads like an insurance salesman but it makes some good points. It’s also American so some of the specifics don’t apply in the UK.

Here are some of the key points covered:

Young spouses with children should have term life insurance to protect them wife something happens to them main income earner.
If you have a business partner, there should be term life insurance on both of you, so that, in the event of one of you dieing, the other can buy your shares,
You should have a shareholder agreement that explains what will happen if you fall out or one of you decides to quit.

Hopefully you can see the sense in thinking about what can go wrong, just in case.

This isn’t the book I was expecting and I didn’t like the tone. I’m giving it three stars, making the book worth reading.


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