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Unstuck by Kenyon Blunt

The full title of this book by Kenyon Blunt is

“Unstuck: How Businesses Get Stuck & How Your’s Can Get Unstuck”.

In my review on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a Four Stars rating. This means I consider it to be good or very good.

Here is my review.

A very good book for business owners who are stuck

This is a very good book written to help business owners who feel stuck and want to get unstuck.

This is an area of special interest for me and in another book review, How to Get Unstuck: 25 Ways to Get Your Business Growing Again, I committed to reading and reviewing all the books on being stuck and getting unstuck.

It is written in two parts. The first part talks about the different ways that businesses and/or owners get stuck. The second presents a strategic planning (thinking) process to help re-energise the business and get it focused back on growth. I like the way the author writes, pulling in and crediting the ideas of others as well as sharing his own knowledge and experience. The book also features various case studies.

Like the author, I’m a big believer in the benefits of proper strategic thinking. The objective is to clarify direction and to identify a few priority projects, rather than to produce a lengthy strategic plan. This fits well with another book I’ve reviewed recently The One Page Business Strategy: Streamline Your Business Plan in Four Simple Steps.

Where I differ from the author is that sometimes the reasons for being stuck are more tactical in nature or there is some form of constraint that restricts the results of the business. By focusing on the strategic issues, the book skips over these issues unless they are identified within the strategic plan.

If I was allowed to, I’d rate this book at the 4.5 stars level. At this stage, I’m rounding down to four stars until I’ve read more of the other books but I can imagine coming back and changing this to a five star rating.

It is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.


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