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USP: How to Construct a Winning Unique Selling Proposition by Michael Senoff

In my review of the ebook

USP: How to Construct a Winning Unique Selling Proposition by Michael Senoff

posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 2 Stars.

Here is my review.

Transcripts of various telephone conversations

This is a bit odd. It is the transcript from several telephone conversations between an American consultant, Michael and Nick, the owner of a medium sized website hosting company with about 5,000 clients. It is also quite old which you may find off-putting if you’re an up-to-date techie.

Whilst it’s promoted as a way to build a USP, the first conversation is about finding benefits that are better than offered by some competitors and putting them into an easy to understand format together with a chat about potential upsells, i.e. reasons why the customer should buy more services.

The consultant then goes off to talk to some recent customers and comes back to go through his conclusions. This is basically creating a sales script for when a potential customer calls and it’s in at the start in a presentation style (this is why we are great rather than asking the prospect what he or she wants and doesn’t want. While I wouldn’t like to be treated in this way, it is about a service that people might want the salesperson to take the lead because it is outside of their experience. The proposed script then goes on to ask pertinent questions.

The third part are the transcripts of the telephone calls with the recent customers which was disguised as a follow-up customer service call. The aim was to understand why they chose this website host and to find out any issues with their experience so far.

This has some good content in it although the format can feel long-winded and the language isn’t as precise as it would be for a normal written piece. Despite its age, it might be worth reading if you sell a technical product as it converts jargon based features into customer benefits. Unfortunately, I don’t think it lives up to the claim in the title… How To Construct A Winning Unique Selling Proposition and that’s how it needs to be judged.

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