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Why People Buy by Melanie Saladino

The full title of this book by Melanie Saladino is

Why People Buy: How to Answer the 9 Questions People Ask Themselves Before They Make Any Buying Decision

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Three Stars, meaning Worthwhile.

This is a book about copywriting

This book is about copywriting rather than the topic implied by the title, buyer psychology. These are linked but the emphasis of the book might be different from what you expect. In my opinion, the book doesn’t answer the “Why People Buy” of the title.

In fact, it doesn’t have the substance to be called a book and it refers to itself as a report. I suspect its origins were as a lead magnet to get email addresses.

This means that it all feels very rushed. There are some interesting ideas introduced in the book but I didn’t think there was enough substance to give you the confidence to put any of the ideas into action.


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