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Winning Business From Your Competitor

Are you one of the lucky people who are selling products and services into a fast growing market?

If not, then this article from the September issue of Better Business Focus is a must read because you will learn the “Do’s” And “Don’t” of Dislodging A Competitor.

Unfortunately most of us are selling a product that is offered by many people and to win extra business we have to take business away from the competition.

This issue is close to my heart as I have worked with companies who were in declining markets and their unsubtle actions triggered a major price war. If you want to lose money, there is no faster way to do it than by starting a price war!

Bill Brooks, expert in sales and business development and author of 17 books gives us these pointers on what not to do when bidding for customer accounts held by competitors:

  1. Don’t bad mouth your competition
  2. Don’t try to win the business through low pricing
  3. Don’t give your product away
  4. Don’t try to convince your prospect that a single supplier is bad business.

In the article Bill explains why you shouldn’t do these and then goes on to provide six tips for what you should DO to take business away from your competition.

Do you have any tips on how to take business away from those nasty competitors who are trying to steal your best clients and customers? Or do you have any stories of what went right or wrong when you tried?

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