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5 Marketing Mistakes And How They Are Fixed With Theory of Constraints Marketing

I am a big fan of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and how it can be applied throughout a business to improve results.

It started on the factory floor with the challenge of how jobs could be better scheduled to reduce lead times AND inventory levels. It has moved throughout the business. In the business novel It’s Not Luck, Eliyahu Goldratt introduced us to both TOC for marketing and the TOC thinking processes.

The person who has made most progress with TOC Marketing is Dr Lisa Lang and her work on Mafia Offers (those customers can’t afford to refuse).

Here is a video of a re-recording of a presentation she made at an internal conference on TOC.

I have found a longer presentation she did at the 2016 TOCICO conference on the same theme.

I will be posting more of her videos on using the theory of constraints for marketing.



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