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Covid-19: What Can Small Businesses Do To Manage The Constraints?

A month ago, I wrote about how the Covid-19 crisis is making constraints blindingly obvious. These constraints limit the performance of a business but even when the crisis quietens down, constraints in your business will still exist. They will just go back into the shadows.

For 30 years I’ve believed that the Theory of Constraints (TOC) processes are very effective ways for a business to make substantial improvements.

So what does TOC have to say about the Covid-19 crisis?

I’d been planning to expand on this myself but then I found these videos on YouTube on the TOCExperts channel. I should warn you that they are all over an hour long but you have the opportunity to start learning how to apply TOC thinking to your business.

Video 1

This is what’s covered

Video 2 – Thinking About The Future

There are a few technical issues at the start of this video so you might want to jump to the 4 minute mark.

Video 3 – Post Covid-19 Scenarios and What You Can Learn From Them

I hope you find these helpful.

Books On The Theory of Constraints

If you’d like to know more about the Theory of Constraints, I recommend the following books as good places to start.

The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox – This brilliant novel is where it all about as TOC is applied to a struggling manufacturing business.Goldratt has written other business novels that look at the TOC Thinking Processes (It’s Not Luck), project management (Critical Chain) and the retail industry (Isn’t It Obvious) but I feel The Goal is the place to start.

Forget the Urgent! by Matías Birrell and Javier Arévalo –

Absolute Certainty by John Haylock – This time the business novel is applied to an accountancy practice after learning TOC ideas from a web designer client.


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