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David Deutsch Copywriting Training: A-List Copywriting Secrets

David Deutsch has long been regarded as one of the very best of the A-List copywriters. I’ve seen him providing support on trainings from John Carlton and he attended Harlan Corben’s course on NLP Copywriting.

Up until now, he’s kept many of his secrets to himself. There’s no widely distributed book and there hasn’t been a course. A few years ago I bought a series of interviews David did with other copywriters as they talked copy which also meant I received a pdf copy of a book he did write called Million Dollar Marketing Secrets.

Now David has produced a course called…

A-List Copywriting Secrets

David’s big idea is that Copythinking beats Copywriting.

To quote from the sales letter…

“So stop writing for a second and just think about all the ways you can enter the conversation your prospect is already having with themselves and others.

THINK about what really differentiates yourself from the competition.

THINK about what your market has already been exposed to.

And THINK about how you will arouse the feelings, thoughts and beliefs that will lead them to take the action you want them to take.

Only NOW are you ready to write.”

As I’m trying to encourage my readers to improve their thinking skills, it feels natural to point you towards David’s course.

A-List Copywriting Secrets (not an affiliate link)

Let me be clear. This is a suggestion and not a recommendation. I haven’t worked through the course and I’ve never spoken to David. We have exchanged emails in the past but my main knowledge of him is through the tremendous reputation of his work, interviews I’ve heard and seeing him on the course videos I mentioned above.

To give you a flavour of David’s style and approach, here are a few videos from YouTube.

How To INSTANTLY Transform Weak Copy Into Winning Copy

Pitchman Secrets with Legendary Copywriter David Deutsch — Copywriters Podcast 146

I’ve recommended David Garfinkel’s excellent podcast before. In this episode, he interviews David Deutsch.

“Here’s what David talked about with us on this special show:

– How he got into studying pitchmen.
– Who pitchmen are and why what they do is so close to writing copy
– Why he has studied pitchmen (and why you should, too)
– With a pitchman, it’s NOT “all in the wrist” — it’s all in the VOICE
– What pitchmen do all the time that the best copy does as well
– Think word choice is important in copy? Take a close look at what pitchmen do!
– How and when pitchmen reveal the product they’re pitching
– How pitchmen MAXIMIZE the chance that every prospect will buy”

Geniuses Of Copywriting – David Deutsch

An interview with Brian Cassingena about connecting with your audience and getting past phoney hype.

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