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Dentistry with a Vision by Gerald Kendall and Gary Wadhwa

The full title of this book by Gerald Kendall and Gary Wadhwa is

Dentistry with a Vision: Building a Rewarding Practice and a Balanced Life

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a 4 Stars rating. This means it is Good to Very Good if you want to read about how to apply the Theory of Constraints to a small service business. It’s a 5 Stars Rating if you’re a Dentist.

Here is my book review.

Theory of constraints applied to a small service business

This book is based on improvements in a dentist business. For me, this is just an example of how the theory of constraints (TOC) can be applied to a small service business.

The details change, the principles don’t.

The advantage of reading about a dentist is that it’s easy to relate to from our own experiences.

This is a business book written as a novel. As a story, it’s only OK. It lacks the pace and tension of “The Goal” by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox. This was the book that first introduced the theory of constraints as a solution to problems in manufacturing businesses.

As a book to put over some vital messages, I think it’s very good.

The story is about two struggling dentists in the USA who are turning around their businesses with the help of a third dentist and friend who has applied the theory of constraints to his practice. It also uses some of the thinking from lean and six sigma.

The book is wide ranging looking at financial decisions, marketing and sales and staffing as well as the operational issues of working as a dentist.

One of the authors, Gerald Kendall has written a number of books about the theory of Constraints.

I’m glad giving this 4 stars and a strong buy recommendation if you’re a service business owner, 5 stars if you’re a dentist.

You can buy the book from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com


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