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Do You Have A Vision For Your Business?

A common problem with running a small business is that you lose sight of a powerful vision as managing the day-to-day issues becomes the priority.

If you started your business rather than inheriting it, I bet you had a very good idea about what you wanted to achieve for yourself and your customers.

Questions About Your Vision

How does that starting vision compare with what you now think?

Are you still on track,  found something better or have you lost your idealism?

A Business Vision Isn’t Just For Big Companies

Thinking about a vision (or a mission) may seem to be very “big company” and therefore not something that you should rush into.

You’ve probably seen the vanilla statements that are churned out and are completely meaningless. Take away the name and it could be anyone.

That’s not what I want for you at all.

I want you to return to the strong purpose and direction you had when you started or bought your business.

It will help to guide your decisions, act as a filter to stop you following inappropriate opportunities that look profitable but don’t fit in with your passions.

It will also help motivate your employees and guide their decision-making. You can’t have rules and procedures for everything.

How Vision Fits With Strategy

The easiest way to think about it is that strategy helps you get from where you are to where you want to be

Your vision is where you want to be.

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