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Guerrilla Marketing Memes

This blog explains about Guerrilla Marketing Memes.

I have been re-branding my business in recent months and I’m just starting to go public on my new logo, designed by John Pears of 360 Digital in Birmingham, UK.


This is intended to build on the Guerrilla Marketing idea of using memes instead of pretty logos.

What is a meme?

It is an instantly communicated idea that may be a picture (Jay Conrad Levinson uses the example of cave drawings teaching cave people how to fish) or a short simple phrase (the example used is lean cuisine), a sound or a gesture.

In Guerrilla Marketing the meme is intended to represent the company and the main benefit of the product or service. It would then be used consistently in all your marketing communications.

Additional memes include:

  • The Michelin Man
  • Marlboro Country
  • The Green Giant
  • The Red Cross
  • International road signs

This is a fairly new idea – to use your logo to really communicate the underlying benefit of your product or service.

If you are Nike, backed by a multi-million advertising budget you can get a way with using a tick as your logo because constant repetition meand that it becomes universally recognised. It has become a hugely successful logo and while the tick may be associated with “right answer” it doesn’t say winner to anyone who hasn’t been exposed to all the promotion.

If you would like to know more about memes, Jay Conrad Levinson has written a book “Guerrilla Creativity: Making Your Message Irresistible With The Power Of Memes” – details here from Amazon Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk (affiliate links – reviews are much more positive in the US site – 5 reviews 4 at 5 star plus 1 at 3 star).

There is only about a page of text devoted to memes in the main Guerrilla Marketing book.

Do you have a meme?

Do you like my new logo? Do you think it communicates the main benefit of my service (increasing profits) effectively?

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