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Guerrilla Tourism Marketing by Carol Wain and Jay Conrad Levinson

The full title of this book by Carol Wain and Jay Conrad Levinson is

Guerrilla Tourism Marketing: Increase Your Profit by Leveraging Marketing, Technology and Relationships“.

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a rating of Four Stars. This means I consider it to be Good.

Here is my book review.

A Very Good Book For Hotel Type Businesses

I am a big believer in marketing books targeted at specific niches because I think the hardest business to market is your own. The closer examples of good practice are to your own business, the easier it is to see their power and practicality.

I’m also a believer in the principles of Guerrilla Marketing but, unfortunately, this leading brand of small business marketing advice has been spread in too inconsistent a way as the creator, Jay Conrad Levinson teamed up with others who did the writing. This is one of the best.

Carol Wain has a solid background in the tourist industry and she’s been trained as a Guerrilla Marketing. The book is packed with practical ideas to help businesses to increase sales and attract more customers. The tourist industry is wide and while I was reading it to help think about marketing a client who owns a tourist attraction, I felt the main focus is probably more on hotels and restaurants.

The book is strong on the what to do but not the how to do it. That’s because one of the early readers suggested that the “how-to’s” were stripped out of the book.

The author has created a workbook but sloppy editing says that it’s available for free to buyers of this book from a special website once at the beginning but then the main text says that it’s available to buy from another website quite a few times. To further complicate matters, the special website that is referenced was down after a change of servers and only had the skeleton WordPress installation and no content.

I contacted the author and asked for the workbook which she sent through to me. I recommend you do the same because about a month later, the website still hasn’t been reconstructed.

I’m a tough reviewer and for a long time I felt that the book was going to be around 4.3 stars and rounded down to 4. That’s because the best two things that I’ve taken from Guerrilla Marketing are the seven sentence marketing plan (which is incredibly flexible) and the Guerrilla Marketing Competences which help to establish the right marketing mindset. This is important because I believe the right mindset goes a long way to making sure that marketing works well.

Sadly the GM Competences aren’t mentioned and the plan doesn’t appear until the final chapter. I’ve coached quite a few clients on using the plan and, to do it effectively, it’s harder than it sounds. I’d have liked to have seen examples so that new readers could see how the issues connect but don’t overlap. I’ve written a short guide that I use with clients and if you’d like a copy, contact me and quote this book review and my GM planning guide.

I’m left rating this book at around the 4 star level.

It is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.


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