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How Many P’s Are There In Marketing?

One of the best known models to help marketers and business owners to succeed with their marketing plans is the Marketing Mix.

Background To The P’s Of Marketing

Originally this was developed and became famous as the 4 P’s Of Marketing.

It’s been around for years and in the nineties I was taught an updated version for service marketing, the 7 P’s Of Marketing.

I wrote about these in a blog article that at its peak was being read several thousand times per month.

Marketing Mix: 4 P’s or 7 P’s of Marketing or Extended Even More?

I contrasted the 4 P’s and 7 P’s Of Marketing and criticised them for missing out some important issues.

Development Of A New P’s Of Marketing Model

I was helped by a few other marketing models I had seen.

As I thought about marketing, I became fascinated with how many words that are important begin with P.

Sometimes I had to get a little contrived. I finished up with the 27 P’s Of Marketing.

I wasn’t serious that it could be used as a model for building a marketing strategy, plan or campaign but it did raise some important issues.

I then started searching for other alternative versions of the Marketing Mix.

I was overwhelmed with what I found as different marketers tried to come up with their own original version.

Sometimes they would change a P, other times, add a P or two…

I’ve written summary blog articles.

The Different Marketing Mixes and Versions Of The P’s Of Marketing Model

3 P’s Of Marketing

4 P’s Of Marketing

5 P’s Of Marketing

6 P’s Of Marketing

7 P’s Of Marketing

8 P’s Of Marketing

9 P’s Of Marketing

10 P’s Of Marketing

11 P’s Of Marketing

12 P’s Of Marketing

14 P’s Of Marketing

15 P’s Of Marketing

Things didn’t stop at the 15 P’s Of marketing but I pick up the story again in the original article.

Marketing Mix: 4 P’s or 7 P’s of Marketing or Extended Even More?


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