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How Small Companies Get Big by Bob Oros

The full title of this book by Bob Oros is

How Small Companies Get Big: A Simple Technique That Could Double Your Business

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 2 Stars.

Here is my review.

Not focused, more about sales tips

The book starts by talking about the need to have a GPS system to guide you in your business, which starts by making sure you have a clear destination in mind.

Suddenly it switches to talking about keeping records on individual customers and building report. Then we’re back to planning but from a sales perspective. Then on to using a “pause” in a sales call to mentally review where you are and how you want to move forward. A pause is also useful as a negotiating tactic.

This is how the book goes. Instead of being focused and logically moving forward, it jumps around. There are several other topics covered in the book and each chapter combines the author’s own thoughts together with responses from salespeople who have been interviewed.

The author is prolific and this is the third of his books I’ve reviewed with more bought ready to review. Take an individual point on its own and it makes sense but the book as an entirety doesn’t work.

Yet again, it’s an example of a self published book crying out for a good editor. From the author’s point of view, it’s a false economy because reviews like this will reduce sales. The title doesn’t reflect the contents despite it specifically referring to “a simple technique “, which isn’t that simple really.

As a book about the importance of business planning and control with your own GPS system, it’s only worth one star. As a book of sales tips, I’d give it three stars. That’s an average of two and a request for my money back.

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