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Marketing Secrets That Eat Your Competition Alive by Cadnam Barnes

In my review of

Marketing Secrets That Eat Your Competition Alive

by Cadnam Barnes posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Three Stars. This means it is Worthwhile.

Here is my book review.

A short introduction to direct response marketing

I’m not too sure about the corny book title but this is an introduction to direct response marketing as popularised by well known marketers Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy.

I believe this has been compiled from a seven day email course or several sources rather than written as a normal book. This is fine as far as I’m concerned. I used to wait until I could read all the emails together when I’d subscribed to an email course.

If you’re only used to brand marketing where you push the name and try to build brand awareness and recall, this contents will come as a shock. It may intrigue you or horrify you.

Just understand that the emphasis is on what works. That’s the entire point of direct response marketing.

You may feel this kind of thing is okay in America but won’t work in the UK. We may be more resistant to blatant hype and shouty marketing but you should know the author lives in the UK.

Even here, if the headline hits the sweet spot of a problem, people can’t resist starting to read. The purpose of the copywriter is then to keep them reading.

For me, three stars means worth reading. It’s fine if you want to dip into direct response but it doesn’t tell you enough to get you hooked. There’s nothing particularly new here if you are familiar with direct response.

Try it. Read it straight away and, if you don’t like it, return it and get your money back.

To learn more about this kind of marketing, I’d encourage you to start with Dan Kennedy’s book The Ultimate Marketing Plan as a way to think about getting new customers. Then move on to Jay Abraham’s book Getting Everything You Can…. which explains how to find more profit opportunities.

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