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Copywriting Articles And Book Reviews

Copywriting is fascinating… the ability to persuade someone to buy or to take some other action, through the written word. Here are my articles and book reviews.

If it’s my book reviews you’re after, I have three lists:

5 Star Copywriting Books
The Best Copywriting Books (4 & 5 Stars)
All My Copywriting Book Reviews

Originally I was moving the 4 & 5 star books into a separate category but there finished up so many in some of the book categories – including copywriting – I decided I’d better have another category for the 5 star books on their own.

You’ll also find here articles and videos which I think you’ll find interesting.

This is a big category -here are the links to page 2page 3page 4page 5page 6 – page 7 of the copywriting articles.

Outrageous Copywriting,

David Garfinkel is one of my business heroes, and in this 33-minute video, he discusses outrageous copywriting with Josh Rosenberg.

Josh is a new name to me, but he’s generated over $100 million for businesses in almost 60 industries since he took up copywriting in 2008.

in 4 – Lead Generation, Copywriting

When Copywriters Get Stuck, How Can They Get Unstuck?

David Garfinkel is one of my business heroes, and in this 24-minute video, he talks about getting past the copywriter’s brick wall. In my terms, this is “being stuck”. You reach a plateau, and you don’t seem to be able to push forward to achieve the higher levels of success you want.

David uses the example of Tom Bady, a few days after he won the 2021 Superbowl. While this is targeted at copywriters, I recommend it to anyone who is feeling stuck in a plateau.

in 2 – Your Inner Game, Copywriting

How Bill Benton Made A Fortune In A Recession

David Garfinkel is one of my business heroes, and in this 29-minute video, he looks at how Bill Benton made a fortune in the Great Depression by using effective copywriting and marketing strategies and techniques.

in Copywriting, The Next Economic Crash

Personal Branding Explained

David Garfinkel is one of my business heroes, and in this 32-minute video, David interviews Rocky Buckley, a personal branding expert.

in 3 – Your Strategic Positioning, Copywriting

David Garfinkel is one of my business heroes, and in this 28-minute video, he discusses what he learned from reading “How I Learned The Secrets of Success in Advertising,” by G. Lynn Sumner.

This is part of his “Old Masters” series. Sumner was an advertiser back in the 1940s and ’50s and this book was first published in 1952.

Sumner says, “It is taking known facts, known elements, known functions and arranging them in new patterns.” While imagination is what you use to make your creativity add value to your copy.

in 2 – Your Inner Game, Better Thinking, Copywriting

Copywriting and the Law

David Garfinkel is one of my business heroes, and in this 25-minute video, he talks to Amy Nesheim, a lawyer who specialises in helping copywriters and other creative professionals.

I need to clarify that this is US focused, but it’s very helpful if you sell into the United States. Even if you don’t, it will give you pointers about what you need to consider.

However, I need to make it clear that if you have any doubts or concerns, talk to a lawyer who advises in your jurisdiction.

in Copywriting

How To Write A Good Sales Letter

Rich Schefren is one of my business heroes, and in this 13-minute video, he gives you his thoughts on how to write a good sales letter.

Copywriting is a very big subject and there is a lot on this website about copywriting. See this video from Rich – who isn’t a copywriter but has worked with some of the very best – as a high-level introduction to the art or a reminder of the key issues.

in 4 – Lead Generation, 5 – Lead Conversion, Copywriting

Often Overlooked In Copywriting

David Garfinkel is one of my business heroes, and in this 30-minute video, he talks to Roy Furr, another copywriter who I see very much as a rising star and feature on my blog.

It’s great to have them both together.


in 4 – Lead Generation, 5 – Lead Conversion, Copywriting

Gun To Your Head Marketing & Copywriting

“Gun To Your Head” copywriting and marketing is a phrase that I first heard from the late, great Gary Halbert and the idea has also been promoted by John Carlton.

The concept is simple.

What would you do in your marketing if your life depended on making that particular advertisement, letter or website page sell [continue reading…]

in 4 – Lead Generation

David Deutsch has long been regarded as one of the very best of the A-List copywriters. I’ve seen him providing support on trainings from John Carlton and he attended Harlan Corben’s course on NLP Copywriting.

Up until now, he’s kept many of his secrets to himself. There’s no widely distributed book and there hasn’t been a course. A few years ago I bought a series of interviews David did with other copywriters as they talked copy which also meant I received a pdf copy of a book he did write called Million Dollar Marketing Secrets.

Now David has produced a course called…

A-List Copywriting Secrets

[continue reading…]

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