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Financial Control

Calculating Moving Annual Break Even Statistics

This is an article from P1M3 How Profit is Created in the Pillar 1 Your Key Numbers.

Monitoring Your Break Even Point Each Month

If your business has been losing money or you’re actively in a business turnaround process, I believe it’s important to calculate your break even point with each set of monthly management accounts.

You can do it on a month by month basis but, like a lot of financial statistics, it can go up and down and make it hard to see the trend.

Using Moving Annual Calculations

One option I like in practice is a calculate moving annual statistic for Break Even Points, partly because it’s normal to think in terms of performance in a year. [continue reading…]

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What If Analysis – Cost Volume Profit

This is an article from P1M3 How Profit is Created in the Pillar 1 Your Key Numbers.

Understand The Financial Implications Of Your Decisions With What-If Analysis using the Cost Volume Profit Relationships

If you’ve worked your way this this Pillar 1 Module 3 systematically, then with what you know so far, you can start to look at the financial implications of some quite complex decisions.

Previously you’d rely on gut feel to make and worry about the possible consequences.

Now you can start looking at the facts and key assumptions and make a considered judgement, just like senior managers do in big businesses with full accounting and financial management support teams. [continue reading…]

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The Benefits Of Financial Control

Financial Control means using financial measures (and other measures) to monitor the performance of your entire business system.

It avoids the ostrich system of you, with your head in the sand, not knowing what’s going on. [continue reading…]

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Scale Up by Colin Mills

The full title of the book by Colin Mills is

Scale Up: How to Take Your Business to the Next Level Without Losing Control and Running Out of Cash

In my review posted at Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars.

Here is my review.

A long promotion for the role of part time finance director

It’s promoting the role of the part time finance director (FD) or chief financial officer (CFO) in general and the FD Centre / CFO Centre in particular. It’s so promotional in fact that I feel it’s cheeky to ask potential customers to pay for it.

Fast growing businesses face challenges in terms of 1) keeping control of what’s happening in the business as the founder/owner has to delegate and 2) managing the strain on cash flow that is caused by growth. [continue reading…]

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8 Finance Mistakes That Could Cost You A Fortune

In this article, I list eight common finance mistakes which could be harming your business.

Are you one of the many small business owners or managers who will admit that finance and accounting are not amongst your strongest skills?

If so, you may find it very worthwhile to check whether you are making any of these common financial mistakes that could be costing you a fortune.

Finance Mistake 1 – Accepting Losses While Building Your Business

It’s conventional wisdom that you will lose money during the early stages of creating a business and that period may last for up to three years.

While it is certainly true that you can have a lot of start-up expenses, you also need to accept that your business is in its infancy and you have to cut your cloth accordingly. [continue reading…]

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