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Learning From Other Trades

It is a lovely Spring day in Birmingham today and I was walking my dog at lunchtime in the local streets watching an ice cream van seller conduct his business.

It started me thinking about..

What The Ice Cream Van Seller Can Teach You About Marketing

The Ice Cream Chimes Attract Attention

The chimes of the bell are very distinctive and in this case very loud.

They leave no doubt that the ice cream van is in the area. [continue reading…]

in 4 – Lead Generation

How open are you to new ideas?

Do you use your experiences to identify new ways you can improve your business?

To use Jay Abraham’s terms, do you have tunnel vision or funnel vision?

The Three Types Of Business Owners & Managers

In my experience there are three types of business managers (in large or small businesses): [continue reading…]

in 2 – Your Inner Game, 4 – Lead Generation