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Unstuck by Various Authors

The full title of this book by a collection of authors is

Unstuck: 10 Proven Strategies for Breaking Through the Barriers to Small Business Growth

In my review posted to Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Two Stars, meaning the book is Disappointing.

Here is my book review.

Articles by different authors

Since I help business owners to get unstuck, I try to read all the books on the topic.

This one is a compendium of long articles from different authors rather than a deep dive into the topic by one expert.

On an article by article basis, I agree with much that is written. It is American so some of the exact details don’t apply to businesses in the UK.

I’m not at all convinced that the person responsible for bringing it all together, actually read it. There is a strong sense of deja vu in chapters 4 and 5 about the importance of cash flow.

More seriously, I don’t feel as if this compendium really gets to grips with the issues involved with being a business owner who feels that he or she is stuck or the business is stuck.

If you’re in this situation, you don’t need a list of random things to do. You need to look at your situation in new ways and identity the issues that are holding back your progress and you need to concentrate your improvement efforts on the one or few things that really matter. The key question is where you will get the biggest bang for your time and money?

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