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What People Say

I take pride in the work I do and how much I care about helping clients to succeed.

I hope that comes across in everything I do on this website and especially in the testimonials from business owners and senior managers that I’ve worked with. I trade through a limited company called Planning & Control Solutions.

There are a lot of testimonials on this page so I recommend that you read the headlines and decide which to review in detail. In recent years I’ve also asked for longer testimonials that share more of the experience of what it is like to work with me. I have previewed snippets on this page and given you a link to read the full client story.

High Quality Professional Accountant

“Paul Simister has proved himself to be a high quality professional accountant, who is a self starter by nature and one who’ thinks outside of the circle’ finding practical solutions without blinding people with science” Tarlok Singh, Managing Director, Niagara LaSalle Bright Bar, (steel bright bar manufacturers), Willenhall

“Paul is a high quality professional with the rigour necessary to get through any financial issue and see it from a fresh angle” John Brebner, Group Finance Director, Metaltech International plc, (international engineering group), Lye, Stourbridge

Paul has shown a highly professional approach to dealing with all commercial and contractual aspects of our business. He is a conscientious, self-motivated accountant who looks at issues from various angles before offering a practical solution” Kevin Homer, Operations Director, Bronx Engineering Limited, (coil processing equipment designers and suppliers), Brierley Hill

Having experimented with varying levels of full time accountants, we have not, until now, managed to find a satisfactory balance between cost and value. Paul provides a level of service which seems ideally suited to our requirements whilst having the added advantage of an objective view which he can (and does) add to the decision making process.” Richard West, Managing Director, William West (Birmingham) Limited, (brass and copper strip and wire producers) Birmingham

I Wish I’d Met Him Years Ago

I believe Paul and his firm Planning & Control Solutions Ltd are different and I wish I’d met him years ago…if you feel like I did, that there is hidden potential in your business, I suggest you try a new approach and give him a call.” Beverley Ward, Managing Director, Hazard Safety Products Ltd www.hazard.co.uk/

The Quality Of His Work And Support We Receive Is Excellent

Paul provides a wide range of professional services that we could not afford with our own staff. The quality of his work and support we receive is excellent.” John Jukes, Group Finance Director, Orbis PLC (AIM listed)

Really Original Thinking

Before meeting Paul I was suffering from the classic small-business syndrome: too busy doing stuff to find the time to take a strategic view of where the business should be going and I was feeling frustrated and dispirited as a result.

From the very first meeting Paul demonstrated his ability to understand what my original vision for the company had been and he was immediately able to identify the key issues that can drive the business forward.

By bringing some really original thinking Paul has opened my eyes to new opportunities and even greater potential than I had imagined. He’s practical, determined, very creative and he’s given me back my motivation and enthusiasm. I now have a real sense that Paul is a member of my team and that together we are making things happen.” Jiles Halling, Managing Director, Champagne Discovery

Insights Invaluable

I have always found your analysis and insights invaluable in refining the strategy of the businesses we have worked on together.” Peter Callaghan, turnaround specialist

Unique Position Or Niche In A Crowded Market

I have wrestled with the difficulties of finding a unique position or niche in a crowded market but, thanks to Paul’s help and persistence, I am much clearer about the type of clients I am best suited to serve.” Jonathan Amponsah BSc FCCA MAAT, A. M. P Associates, www.ampassociates.co.uk

Link to full testimonial in pdf – Jonathan_Amponsah

Far More Opportunities

“The course has been excellent, and has changed the way I think about marketing my business – I now see far more opportunities in my day to day work for increasing my business profitability and building better relationships with clients… It turns out that I had quite a bit of the skills and expertise all along – it just needed pointing out to me in a way that I’d believe, and appreciate how to best make use of.” Keith Cooper, Owner – Northlight Images, Commercial photography

Link to full testimonial in pdf – Keith_Cooper-testimonial

My Marketing Has Become Much More Focused And Targeted

 “Working with Paul Simister and Planning And Control Solutions Ltd has been an excellent experience. They provide high quality coaching that challenged me on many levels. My marketing has become much more focused and targeted. We have greatly increased the number of qualified leads that we meet each week. I would fully recommend to anyone that wants to increase their sales. However, don’t call if you won’t put new ideas into practice.” Chris Green, Calloway Green, website design and Internet marketing

It Has Certainly Changed The Way I Look At My Business, My Clients and My Marketing

“The course taught me to be more organised with my marketing activities, to produce a calendar to structure my year’s activities to ensure a continuous and effective marketing campaign. It has made me sit down and think about what my aims are for my business, who my target audience is and what my niche is. It has certainly changed the way I look at my business, my clients and my marketing.” Sally Ormond, freelance copywriter

Link to full testimonial – Sally Ormond Testimonial

Paul Took The Time To Understand My Business And What Was Important To Me

“Paul took the time to understand my business and what was important to me. This made a big difference to the course as Paul made sure that my marketing strategy supported my business and personal objectives… I strongly recommend the Guerrilla Marketing Program with Paul who I can guarantee will give you 110% support” Sharon Hendleman, Business Financial Management

Link to full testimonial – Sharon Hendleman Testimonial

He Genuinely Cares About The Success Of My Business And Therefore I Trust What He Says

“He genuinely cares about the success of my business and therefore I trust what he says… When I ask myself what I gain from our sessions, the answer would be motivation, accountability and direction. First of all, Paul helps you make a good, solid plan and then he helps you follow it…it feels like he has cleared the way for me….first of all, we built the path and then he helped me go down it. I have built countless paths in the past, but I was never quite motivated enough to go down them. Being accountable to someone you respect is a great motivator!” Lynda Nicholson, website designer and Internet marketer

Link to full testimonial – Lynda Nicholson Testimonial

Paul Understands What It Is To Bring The Best Out Of An Individual.

“The sessions we have completed have been thought provoking, and inspiring. Probing questions have helped to draw ideas and solutions out of me. They have helped me to isolate my goals, differentiate myself as an artist and identify strategies through which I can build my brand and my business… I have in some ways been surprised at how useful our sessions have been since he had indicated that he wasn’t a ‘creative coach.’ In my experience this has not been a hindrance to us at all, because in my opinion, Paul understands what it is to bring the best out of an individual.” Monique Thomas, soul and gospel singer

Link to full testimonial – Monique Thomas Testimonial