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William Dettmer’s Logical Thinking Process Videos

Leading expert, author and trainer Bill Dettmer is interviewed by Erik Mano about the logical thinking process derived from Eliyahu Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes.

Introduction – Video 1

Video 2 – The Goal Tree

Used to be called the Intermediate Objectives Map. I think this is an important addition to the thinking process, although that might be because it mirrors my own way of thinking about a business and the use of critical success factors.

Video 3 -The Current Reality Tree

Video 4 – Evaporating Clouds

Video 5 – Future Reality Tree

Video 6 – Pre-Requisite Tree

Video 7 – Conclusion

I hope you’ve enjoyed these overview videos. I’m going to look for more extensive training on them because I believe they are very effective ways of thinking about business challenges.

Unfortunately, I feel the initial reaction is that they seem too complicated and that’s partly due to the use of the strange terminology.

Bill Dettmer’s book The Logical Thinking Process is expensive but it is brilliant. More recently, he has published an executive summary, cunning called The Logical Thinking Process Executive Summary.



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