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Your Profit Club Comes To The Business Development Advice Blog

What Was Your Profit Club?

Before my health problems started. back in 2009, I started working on a low cost membership website to help business owners to improve their performance using my improvement framework, the Eight Pillars Of Business Prosperity.

Along with my big health problems in 2009 and 2010 and my partner being diagnosed with cancer in between my two scares, I set up a website called Your Profit Club. At that time I was using the brand name Your Profit Coach so it was a natural extension.

Why Did I Stop Your Profit Club?

Call me paranoid but I felt someone was out to get me.

There was some malware created called Your Profit Club and I was receiving plenty of abuse from people who were affected.

It was nothing to do with me.

Then my website was hacked and I was locked out of it. That’s right someone took control of the website.

I was also the victim of some identity fraud at the time.

I did a lot of work creating content but I’d lost my enthusiasm for the project and my health problems rather overtook the other things I was doing.

That content has just sat there.

Doing nothing.

So I thought I’d bring it across to my Business Development Advice blog and share it for free.

I’m going to do it over the next few weeks and then I can do away with that website and save myself some time and money.

The Way Your Profit Club Training Is Organised

Since it’s based on my Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity, you’ve probably guessed that there are eight different streams.

Each stream is split into several modules.

Each module has the main page and support pages, if or when you feel you want to dig deeper.

Each module is given a number code which is easy to understand.

P1M3 means Pillar 1 Module 3.

The support pages are also referenced to the main module page although they may also be referenced in subsequent modules.

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