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Dreaming On The Job: The Start To Being Your Own Boss

In a survey by Barclays Bank, nearly half (44%) of today’s business owners admit to planning their entrepreneurial future while at work as an employee.

Remarkably this compares to 8% who came up with their great idea on holiday and 6% between pints at the pub.

Do you think you might have staff who have an entrepreneurial fire burning inside them? If so, can you, as a business owner help them help you?

Is there some way that you can harness their creative ideas and share in the profits while letting the innovator have the satisfaction of putting the idea into action without having to face the big risks that go with many new start-ups?

Or are you one of these people in work at the moment and biding your time before you feel brave enough to venture out on your own and release your innovative solution on an unsuspecting market?

If so, do you think that your boss may be interested in helping you or are you reluctant to share the profits?

Starting a new business is risky, so do what you can to learn from others. The number is business books available is huge and you should take note of two of my favourite gurus and their best books:

The first will help you to prepare to be a business owner as it explains the different roles you’ll need to fill and discusses the Entrepreneurial Seizure that starts off your venture.

The second will teach you to see opportunities for profit that many would miss.




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