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From Workplace to Business by Nerius Jasinavicius

The full title of this book by Nerius Jasinavicius is

From Workplace to Business. The beginning

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a 2 Stars rating. This means it is Disappointing.

Here is my book review.

Theory of constraints for small businesses

The focus provided by the Theory of Constraints (TOC) can make a major impact on the performance of a business but much of the advice available is targeted at the huge corporations.

I suppose you can’t blame the consultants who write most of the books because that’s where the big fees are available.

This book is different. It’s especially written for small businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs.

There are some TOC novels that focus on smaller businesses but some people seem to resist this type of book. It’s a shame because I find lessons told through a story can be a powerful way to explaining them.

The book builds on some of the ideas from Michael Gerber’s book “The E-Myth Revisited” (well worth reading even if the writing style is irritating).

The book is ambitious in its scope but I’d have preferred it to be more focused. I feel the opportunity is there for a book focused on TOC for small businesses but this risks merging into the pack of books about small businesses.

It has some interesting things to say about cash constraints and it makes it clear that this is different from a poorly managed cash flow. Unfortunately the example could be better explained.

The author is not a native English speaker (he’s Lithuanian) and the book is stilted to read. It doesn’t flow easily and it has quite an academic tone in places yet strangely chatty in others. The book would also benefit from more paragraphs. There are large blocks of text and subjects switch within paragraphs. This lost it two stars. I recommend the author finds an editor to make the book an easier read.

I feel there is an excellent, thought-provoking and important book hiding in here. Either you’ve got to be prepared to work through it carefully or hope that the author releases an improved, easier to read, clearer, better structured version.

At the moment I’m very disappointed because I think there’s a big opportunity to open up the ideas of TOC to business owners. I’m giving the book 2 stars


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