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Late Night Discussions on the Theory of Constraints by Eliyahu Goldratt

In my review of

Late Night Discussions on the Theory of Constraints

by Eliyahu Goldratt posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Three Stars, meaning Worthwhile.

Here is my book review.

Not The Place To Start Your Theory Of Constraints Experience

This is a series of conversations between two of the stars of The Goal, Alex, the plant manager and Jonah, the mysterious business guru.

What tends to happen is that Alex raises a point, and Jonah uses the Socratic method to ask leading questions that get Jonah to answer his own questions. The problem is that reading is too passive an activity so you’re not forced to think like Alex but to read how he scrambles around for answers.

I found it a bit of a frustrating experience. The book raises some interesting issues but I never felt that that were completely resolved although some interesting thoughts came out of the journey.

This isn’t the place to start your Theory Of Constraints experience. Go straight to The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement or even the 2017 comic style version, The Goal: A Business Graphic Novel, even if you don’t work with a manufacturing business. I think it’s the easiest place to appreciate how constraints limit output, and how improvements away from the constraint are often an illusion.

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