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Copywriting Book Reviews From 5 Stars Down to 1 Star

The Brain Audit By Sean D’Souza – 5 Stars

The Brain Audit : Why Customers Buy
(And Why They Don’t) by Sean D’Souza

Book Review rating – 5 Stars

The Brain Audit by Sean D’Souza is an excellent book about creating a compelling sales message that appeals to your buyers brains without resorting to sleazy tactics.

The Red Bags Metaphor

At the beginning of the book, Sean sets up his copywriting system with a powerful metaphor.

Imagine going to the airport with seven bags and checking them in. You get on the flight and land. After passport control you make your way to the luggage carousel or conveyor belt.

Sean’s question is…

“When do you walk away?” [continue reading…]

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Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples

Book Review Review – 5 Stars

Tested Advertising Methods : Fifth Edition by John Caples and revised by Fred E. Hahn is considered to be a direct response marketing classic.

John Caples was a naval engineer turned advertising man, and like all engineers, he thrived on feedback and analysis.

The only thing that interested him was advertising that sold and he systematically tested small changes to see if he could find things that worked even better.

The great thing about testing when it’s done properly is that, whatever the results, there are lessons to be learnt. [continue reading…]

in 4 – Lead Generation, Best Business Books