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How To Calculate The Break Even Point Of A Business

The break even point ( BEP ) is a fundamental concept in the financial management of a business.

I believe that business owners and entrepreneurs need to have a great understanding of break even point analysis and the associated cost-volume-profit relationship and cash flow management if they are going to create a long term successful business.

It’s not difficult to calculate and understand and it will give you a much deeper understanding of the dynamics of your business and how you make money in it.

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How To Get More Customers

When a business owner wants to grow the business, the main question is “how do we get more customers?”

I’ll look at that below but I should also point out that, if you want to grow, you stay focused on thine one theme.

In fact there are…

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How To Get More Customers

Let’s delve into this question a little deeper?

What Is A Customer?

Is a customer someone who has bought from you at some time from when your business began to now?

Or is a customer someone who has bought from you within the last three months?

I think the answer is: [continue reading…]

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