January 2008

Business Growth System Review – Rich Schefren Coaching

by Paul Simister on January 28, 2008

I originally wrote this review of the Business Growth System and coaching program from Rich Schefren and Strategic Profits back in 2008. Since then I have updated it to cover the Business Growth System 2.0 and the Founders Club. Rich Schefren continues to create news in the world of the Internet marketing entrepreneurs with the […]


10 Most Common Web Marketing Mistakes – Greg Cesar

by Paul Simister on January 25, 2008

Yesterday I listened to one of the archive recordings available through the Guerrilla Marketing Association. Roger Parker interviewed Greg Cesar, webmaster to the gurus (he has designed sites for Rich Schefren, Stephen Pierce and Roger Parker) about the common web marketing mistakes. It was a fascinating call and I have blogged about the topic of […]

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What Is Marketing And Why Is It So Important?

by Paul Simister on January 20, 2008

Marketing? You know what it is don’t you? It’s advertising. Having a website. Doing some social media. Well perhaps when it gets down to it, you’re not so sure what marketing is. The experts can’t even agree amongst themselves. What Is Marketing? The Chartered Institute of Marketing says ” Marketing is the management process responsible […]