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How To Understand Visitors To Your Website

I want to talk about Crazy Egg.

Imagine a good headline creating curiosity like this one.

Find Out Where You Website Succeeds And Where It Fails To Engage Visitors And They Stop Paying Attention.

Your visitors are happy to carry on reading providing the headline fulfils the promise of the click that got them here.

Now imagine a boring photo without a caption explaining what it is. I’m going to leave some space for it.





Still here?

Now how about some words that are really hard to read. This can happen because there isn’t enough contrast between the letters and the background or because it’s reverse print light letters on dark background rather than dark letters on a pale background) or because the letters are too small for your average reader.

As you can imagine that paragraph above is likely to cause problems. If you want to know what the last paragraph says, you can highlight it with your cursor but how many readers are going to do that.

Alternatively, you can read it below printed with proper contrast.

Now how about some words that are really hard to read. This can happen because there isn’t enough contrast between the letters and the background or because it’s reverse print (light letters on dark background rather than dark letters on a pale background) or because the letters are too small for your average reader.

Now imagine another boring photograph without a caption explaining it. Again space allowed for it.









Given up yet?

None of these common mistakes are intentional but it’s often done in the name of “attractive design”.

The trouble is it kills the marketing effect of your website. Nobody is visiting to see if you have a pretty website, they are coming to see if you can solve their problem better or with better value than your competitors.

The answer is to use tracking software like Crazy Egg.

This lets you see what your visitors are doing and where they give up.

I’m going to be adding some screenshots to this page but, at the moment, I want to get some data into Crazy Egg.







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Internet Business Manifesto by Rich Schefren

The full title of this report turned into a book by Rich Schefren is

Internet Business Manifesto: A Big Business Was Just A Small Business That Did The Right Things. A Wealthy Business Owner Was An Opportunity Seeker Who Became An Entrepreneur

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a rating of Stars. I need to explain.

Here is my review.

How much? That’s ridiculous

It was hard rating this legendary report on Internet marketing at the 3 stars level but let me explain my rating.

1 Star for anyone trying to charge £396 for a printed version of this promotional report. It was available online for free for 10 or more years as a PDF. It’s not worth it at these prices.

5 Stars for the original impact the report had on Internet marketers in general and on me in particular.

Back in the mid 2000s, Internet marketing was often promoted as an easy way to make big money. Thinking back, this was strange when there seemed to be new, essential to know techniques coming out every few weeks. [continue reading…]

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GDPR – The Time Is Now

I thought this was a useful summary from Ryan Deiss’ DigitalMarketer.com and how it applies mainly for digital marketing.

The key date Is 25 May 2018.

It applies to anyone with personal data in the European Union including the UK before and after Brexit regardless of where the business is based.

Here is a long video presentation from an English law specialist, Suzanne Dibble. [continue reading…]

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Profit Hacks is the latest course promoted by Rich Schefren and Strategic Profits and contains the ideas of the Australian entrepreneur, Pete Williams.

I’d love to say that my Profit Hacks review is independent but I’m an affiliate. I’m in this for the money so if you buy after clicking through from my links, I’ll earn a commission.

Details of Profit Hacks – affiliate link

In fact I’m such a good affiliate for Rich Schefren that I’ve been given free access to Profit Hacks to take a look around.

I’ve earn my success by writing reviews that are as honest as I can make them, that highlight the good and the bad in the product being reviewed and that make it clear that the product isn’t right for everybody.

Let’s begin.

The Profit Hacks Review [continue reading…]

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Rich Schefren Audio Dispatches

If you’ve been a member of Rich Schefren’s Founders Club, you’ll know how good his audio dispatches are each week.

Rich is probably the most thoughtful of the Internet marketing gurus and one of the three that I give most attention to (the others are Ryan Deiss and Glenn Livingston if you wondered).

Each week he sends out a short, thought-provoking mp3 recording with a pdf transcript if you prefer to read.

These are the short briefings he prepares for his private coaching clients before he starts the Q&A sessions and he thought it would be a good idea to share them with Founders Club members. [continue reading…]

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The Value For Money Of Information Products

I’ve wrestled with the paradox of the value for money of information products for many years.

I’ve bought plenty of excellent books for £10 and I’ve also paid hundreds of pounds to hear someone teach a small part of what is in a book in a day or even half day seminar.

Sometimes I’ve felt ripped off. Other times I’ve thought that I’ve had great value.

I’ve had to think about what makes the difference.

The Value For Money Of Information Products [continue reading…]

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Mobile Local Fusion

Mobile Local Fusion is an interesting program marked by Ryan Deiss and created by Laura Betterly.

Mobile Local Fusion – affiliate link

Its primary purpose is to help those interested in earning money by providing Internet marketing services to local businesses succeed with promotions for Google Places and Mobile marketing. [continue reading…]

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Product Launch Formula

These details on the Product Launch Formula from Jeff Walker used to be a popular lens on Squidoo. Unfortunately they’ve tightened their policy about affiliate marketing and I expect it to be deleted. Rather than delete the information which has attracted a lot of traffic, I have decided to move it to this blog.

Jeff Walker & the Product Launch Formula 3 [continue reading…]

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Rich Schefren Free PDF Reports

Rich Schefren was one of the very first Internet marketing gurus I encountered online.

Unusually it wasn’t through his legendary free reports that I became a customer. I went straight into the Business Growth System after seeing the product launch email. I had no choice but to buy the day before I went on a two week safari holiday.

Like most people who get caught up in the Internet marketing world, I then indulged myself on plenty of other gurus but I’ve always kept a close eye on what Rich is doing.

These days I have learnt to focus my attention on just three – Rich, Glenn Livingston and Ryan Deiss.

They are three different characters with different perspectives but if they don’t have an opinion about a subject, it’s probably much more hype than substance and therefore not worthy of my time.

[continue reading…]

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Digital Marketer Lab Ryan Deiss

I’m excited about Digital Marketer Lab from Ryan Deiss.

What sets Ryan Deiss apart from most of the other Internet marketing gurus is that he is active in many different niche markets but shares what he finds works as a by-product of his success.

You see, Ryan is big on the boring task of testing.

You could do it yourself if you’ve got the time, the mentality, the presence in different markets, the traffic and the imagination to do it…

Or you can piggyback on what Ryan Deiss has done and is willing to share in Digital Marketer Lab (the link takes you to my more detailed review on my Online Profits blog).

Digital Marketer Lab – affiliate link

[continue reading…]

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