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Find Your Hidden Sales Force – Your Employees

Which is your greatest asset – your team of employees or your customers?

Both are vital for any business to succeed.

Both must have a “more than satisfactory” relationship with your business for it to consistently provide a high standard of service.

But have you thought how your team can help win you more sales?Louise Gulliver, Marketing Director of TACK International (sales and sales management training and development consultancy) explains that you need to “Uncover Your Hidden Sales Force” in the September 2007 issue of Better Business Focus.

This is a principle that I strongly agree with.

Your team can either be part of the sales generation team or the sales prevention team and I know which I’d prefer.

Everything that your staff do leaves an impression with your customers about the standards that you set for your business.

In these moments of truth, your customer will be impressed, satisfied, disappointed or annoyed and it all goes to form part of the complete impression your business leaves on the customer.

To get the right effects your team need to be very clear on how your business makes the life of your customers better and they should be proud of their role in the process.

With this “better life” viewpoint your team can be encouraged to help spot extra opportunities for your business to take away the pain and frustrations of your customers or potential customers.

It only takes a few words to say that “I think we can help you. Why don’t you call …” or to at the very least notice the opportunity and report it back to the sales department to follow up.

Of course it’s even better if your team can do some of the selling for you by explaining the benefits to people they meet (either in their working or family lives) because they see the problems and because they know you offer a good value solution.

In her article, Louise gives an example where a delivery driver helped to reinforce the differentiating points of his company and fended off some price competition.

Isn’t that the way that you would like your team to be able to behave? It can happen when you see your team as your hidden sales force and provide them with sales training.

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