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Fire, Aim … Ready by Elliot Wagonheim

The full title of the book by Elliot Wagonheim is

Fire, Aim…Ready: Management: The Start at the End Approach to Crushing Competition, Crafting Culture, and Cementing Relationships

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars.

Here is my review.

What stories do you want your customers and employees to tell about your business?

I’m been aware of the old planning adage that “you should start with the end in mind and work backwards” for many years. It’s a very useful way to look at things and sometimes I work both ways.

This book is written by a lawyer and he tells us that one of the first things trial lawyers are taught is to prepare their closing arguments first and then work out how they can build the evidence to support the argument. I can see how that works to help the prosecutor or defence to prepare the best case they can.

The book asks you to think about the stories you want your customers and employees to tell about your business. What stories will evidence your customer care policies? What stories will show that your business is a great place to work?

Then you have to put the conditions into place that allow the stories to happen and for the business to act in a consistent way.

I like the idea and in the first third of the book, I thought I might be heading for a rare five star review. Sadly I found it got a little repetitive and I lost my way in the parts about employees as I don’t have any and don’t advise on how to manage staff. That cost it a star.

The second star was lost when I got to the end and the author says the place to start is to rewrite your legal contracts for customers and employees. It seems that the purpose of the book was to create a lead generation tool to create a desire for extra legal services. I can’t agree.

The few pages at the start were the strongest with the advice to start by knowing where you want to finish and the power of using stories to build customer loyalty, customer attraction and employee motivation.




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