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Network and Find People Who Can Help You

This is the sixth marketing tip in a series based on

>>> Being Good At Marketing Isn’t A Nice-If But A Must Have

Marketing Tip 6 – Network and Find People Who Can Help You And You Can Help

You may not be a networking natural but it’s important to get out and about and mix with different people.

Partly that’s because running a business can be lonely. You may be on your own for many hours at a time so it’s good to build up a support system.

Who Should You Network With?

People who do the same type of work as you – they may be able to sub-contract work to you if they are busy or pass on leads that don’t suit their skills but are great for you.

People who sell to the same type of customers as you do – who knows when one of their customers will ask “You don’t know some who does a great job at…do you?”

General small business owners and staff – we all know how important referrals are and we all like to help out if we are convinced that you are good at what you do.

There are many breakfast networking clubs and other clubs that meet at lunchtimes or evenings.

You could try Internet networking on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Ecademy.

Take an interest. Look for people who you can make referrals to as well as people who could refer customers to you.

I also like masterminds where you work with other business owners to help each other with issues, problems, ideas and opportunities.

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