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Being Good At Marketing Isn’t A “Nice-If” But A “Must Have”

Many business owners don’t have a burning desire to improve their marketing skills.

It’s a bit of a Catch-22.

Why Business Owners Should Increase Their Marketing Knowledge

If you don’t master marketing then, unless you are lucky, you are probably not likely to earn enough to be able to pay a professional marketing coach or consultant to do it for you.

If you don’t learn about marketing and what makes good marketing effective and bad marketing a waste of money, you are likely to fall victim to the “sell on hope” salespeople.

These are the people who promote various advertising and sales promotion techniques where it sounds good but there is little likelihood of success and no follow up to make sure that you do get the results you need.

Even if you find someone good, the old saying “two brains are better than one” holds true and you’re the person with the in-depth knowledge of your trade or industry. If you can recognise great marketing, you will push any marketing expert or copywriter to produce even better work.

Marketing isn’t difficult but you have to find a way to combine increasing your understanding with effective action.

In a series of articles, I’m going to take you through marketing tips could make a world of difference to your business if you take the ideas to mind.

The Marketing Tips

Marketing Tip 1 – Marketing Starts With Your Current Customers

Marketing Tip 2 – Contact Your Old Customers

Marketing Tip 3 – Understand Your Market

Marketing Tip 4 – Help Your Prospective Customers Find You

Marketing Tip 5 – Reach Out To Your Target Customers

Marketing Tip 6 – Network and Find People Who Can Help You And You Can Help

Conclusion on my Marketing Tips

I hope you have found these tips interesting and informative and that you can see a marketing system at work which will guide you to increasing sales revenue.

  • Start with your current customers;
  • Next move to your past customers to see if you can revive them;
  • Then look at understanding what it is that your potential new customers might want, why they want it and what problems they have;
  • Fourth make it easy for your target customers to find you;
  • Reach out to you target market through a direct marketing campaign;
  • Network with people and form close two way relationships with those who can recommend you.
  • Before pointing you to extra resources, there is one final point that I must make.

When marketing is done right, it is an investment. To do it right and to be sure that you are getting the highest and best return, you have to be prepared to try, test and measure.

See what works and if it works, keep doing it but also try to improve around the fringes. When you find something that tests better, switch your main marketing to the new improved method. Stop doing anything that isn’t working.

I believe that marketing is essential for your business.

In fact you have to think of it in these terms:

No customers = no business

I recommend that you take the time to learn more about marketing because I am confident that the small investment in money and time will repay itself many times over the life of your business.

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